The increasing demands in the sectors in which we have been operating for years, have not prevented us from undertaking projects for the construction of residences.

With projects of high quality and high aesthetic value, we face residences as a sector of wellbeing and cover all requests demanded.

The three-story apartment building has been built in a plot, on a street crossroad. The aim was to utilize as much surface as possible, but at the same time to create a building open to the public area. The two main blocks are separated from the bulk of the shared stairway that cleaved the elongated side and converse with the smaller scale of neighboring buildings. The sharp angles are softened by the creation of curved balconies, which are lined with sheet metals painted in warm, dark, colors. The building has intense use of innovative technologies and combination of contemporary materials.

In a land plot with steep slope, between the city and the mountain, a 350m2 building was constructed with unique architectural design including two independent houses.
The main house is developed on three levels, while the second and smaller house is located on the second floor.
The main feature of the structure is the link to the adjacent green areas through the semi-open spaces of the building as well as the meridian orientation and view.
The use of natural wood materials, stone and marble in harmonious combinations is intensely used, both externally and internally. Morphologically, the treatment of the facades refers to the stonework of the nearby Monastery of Daphni.