ATEKE constitutes the highest evolutionary stage of a sole proprietorship founded in 1974 by Dimitrios Alexopoulos, with a mission to construct and maintain petrol stations for MOBIL OIL Co. A few years later, the company broadened its partnerships with other leading oil companies, such as EKO, ELDA, BP, AVIN, CYCLON, TOTAL, SHELL, ETEKA, MAMIDAKIS and others. During the same period it began its collaboration with gas companies such as BP GAS, HELLAS GAS, EKO GAS.

In 1991, as the demands of each project constantly increased, Dimitrios Alexopoulos’ high ambition, consistency and professionalism, naturally led to the establishment of the Public Limited Construction Company “ALEXOPOULOS DIMITRIOS ATEKE”. The company’s high standards and exceptional outcomes had been established by the very beginning, and year after year succeeded in turning ATEKE into one of the biggest and constantly growing Greek construction companies in the field of oil products. It is this specific specialization in the field that allows ATEKE to undertake the construction and maintenance of a wide range of projects.

Given the continuous changes and developments in the field of construction projects, ATEKE never ceased to evolve, and aimed at expanding its activities in new sectors and fields of the market. Staffed with the most qualified and capable manpower, it offers all necessary scientific and technical support and applies quality management systems ISO 9001, in every project it undertakes.

ATEKE’s projects include:

  • Petrol stations and refineries
  • Steel structures
  • Hotels
  • Residences
  • Offices, stores
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Special Constructions
  • Design and Constructions
    (architectural, civil engineering and electromechanical projects)