Waterproof plastic fuel and pumps/distributors well tanks


Well pump linear polyethylene LLDPE, suitable for liquid fuels. It is a basis for supporting the pump. It is suitable for applying single, double or multi column pumps. Easy application and installation. Very durable and resistant support for pumps. Absolutely leak-proof. Specifically designed to provide ease of connecting pipes. It has high resistance to pressure. Available with heavy type metal metallic girdle, 5mm thick at the application point.


Dividable well tanks, measurements 100cm x 100cm x 100cm, designed to accommodate all types of tank covers with margin and tolerance in ± 30cm height. It has nerves for durability and support peripherally. Made of linear polyethylene LLDPE. Suitable for liquid fuels.


Sealed plastic floor well, rigid, specially constructed for electrical and hydraulic shunt drains use. Amendable to standard cast iron lid dimensions 40cm x 40cm, 40cm x 50cm, 50cm x 50cm with a height tolerance in the 10cm vehicle registration floor construction.

Made of linear polyethylene LLDPE. The lid of the shaft is applied on the structure of vehicle registration floor with room for ± 10cm adjustment in height. The adaptation for sealing the pipes is made with rubber rings of similar diameters.


The design and construction of our company’s metal caps are a result of our many years of experience and are the ideal solution for service stations. The base is made of integrally formed 5mm thick sheet to achieve excellent seal and simultaneously eliminate the need for tapered wings. It opens easily with pneumatic assistance.

New innovative design for secure flush caps of high strength and durability in time. The design and construction of our company’s flush fuel tank caps are also a result of our many years of experience and are the ideal solution for cases where the wells are located in vehicle lanes. The base is made of integrally formed 5mm thick sheet to achieve an excellent seal and simultaneously eliminate the need for tapered wings. It opens easily with pneumatic assistance.


ATEKE imports Fibrelite manhole covers, which manufacture a wide range of composite manhole covers in the field of fuel and refueling stations.
Fibrelite offer watertight, easily removed wells in a large variety of shapes and sizes.

Fibrelite covers are available in any color and custom logos or markings (in large quantities). All covers are available in standard Duty (25 tone load rating) or Heavy Duty (40 tone permissible load) for use in areas experiencing heavy traffic wheel, such as diesel lanes, truck stops or bus stations.


Products of the leading Italian company SILEA. The overfilling valve is a legislative requirement for stations that have remote filling fuel tanks. It avoids overfilling of tanks and ensures smooth operation.


ATEKE foot valves include the following features:

  • Nominal size: 1½“, 2″ and 3”
  • Material: brass
  • Strong construction, resistant to continuous use
  • Tightness ensured by testing each valve pressure
  • Quality and durability


Our company has all the necessary components to install vapor recovery equipment to service stations, including:

  • Station vapor recovery valve
  • Simple vent (for oil)
  • Double Action Vent (for gasoline)
  • Overflow Protection Valve 3x3x2 (WDD)
  • Couplings fills tanks
  • Available in brass and aluminum


Seals (entry boot) to secure fuel pipeline crossings and wiring in pumps, sumps and tanks. Easy and quick installation. Available in dimensions ½”, ¾”, 1″, 1½“, 2”, 2½“, 3″ and 4”.


Perfect for stations that have many islets and multicolumn distributors. Submersible FE-PETRO pumps are placed inside the fuel tank and upon their start they can simultaneously give to many nozzles. Their efficiency is better than that of pumps with pumping system and their maintenance is more cost-effective. Available in fixed and variable lengths as well as with a mechanical leak detector.


ATEKE has titration containers (liter-meters) of 20 liters (INOX, simple) suitable for maintenance and repair of gas station pumps. The containers can be accompanied by a certificate of titration.


The oil separator is constructed in accordance with the applicable law and standards of EYDAP, it is suitable for use in gas stations, service stations, car washes, garages and wherever it is required by the approved environmental studies.

It consists of two sections. The first intake chamber is a sand collector which retains all solids (sand, mud, stones, etc.) which are brought with the water. The second section that has the appropriate design and buffer segments, is where the separation of oils and petroleum takes place so that we get clean water and concentration of waste in a specific place from where they will be pumped.

Mobile oil supply solutions for construction sites or installations in a compact system that include a fuel tank and a pumping station.
A. Equipment

  1. Metal containers slightly used, dimensions 2,40m x 2.35mx 5.95m (YxPxM) and weight B = 2.150kgr
  2. Secondhand Fuel tank 15m3 dimensions 2.40mx 2.35mx 5.95m, (YxPxM) and weight B = 1.600kgr
  3. Sealed metal well tank
  4. Metal tank cover
  5. Worksite fuel pump

B. Technical Description

For the construction of the mobile worksite station, slightly used containers are used, in company colors. Two sections are created inside the container. The tank is placed in the first section while in the second section we find the pump, the electrical panel and the calibrated fuel gauge.

The two compartments are separated by a watertight metal divider. The structure of the divider can trap all leakage until its venting.

The tank is placed in the first section on a metal base on the body of the container. Placed on the manhole of the tank is a tight metal shaft, which includes the foot valve, the latch filler, and the filler pipe 3″ for externally filling from a low height. A drain valve is placed on the bottom of the tank. Fuel and evacuating networks cross the wells with entry boots. The tank is titrated with a stick and the meter calibrated.

The ventilation of the two departments is natural with ports in six points in the top of the container. The tank ventilation is done with a 2′ tube. The vent port is built at the back of the container and is protected.

For access to the sump tank at the rear of the container, we manufacture a metal staircase and have markings for traffic operators.

The entire structure is provided with one year warranty and our company undertakes their per-year monitoring and maintenance throughout Greece.


The autonomous transportable fuel complex is suitable for use on construction sites, quarries and where there is need in catering from private fleet fuel.

The complex consists of the tank, the fuel pump, and the necessary electrical and plumbing installations and has all the contemporary safety systems.

All of the above equipment is placed in a casing consisting of a sturdy metal base with lateral coverage from polyurethane panels and double leaf access door at the pump, and other equipment. The casing of the complex has the necessary spacing for suspension and transport.

The capacity of the reservoir may be 7m3, 10m3 and 15m3. The tank has a manhole with the necessary sockets for filling, suction vent, the measuring bar and a spare. It is calibrated and accompanied by a volume measuring bar.

The fuel pump is measured electronically according to liters, with a recording capability of the partial deliveries and deliveries per shift. Its supply can be 40lt/min, 70lt/min, and the nozzles have detachable connectors or fast cutoff links (BREAKWAY VALVE).

The transportable fuel complex is lightweight, easy to transport and place. Covering the power needs of private fleets and ideally monitoring fuel consumption. Connection with fleet management system, tank level measuring system and pump management console is also possible.