Plastic pipes & Nupigeco fuel components (Smartflex & Ecosmart)

Special plastic tubes and single & double wall fittings for suction fuel systems, filling and venting. The variety in the dimensions and the combination of specific tech materials make the Nupigeco pipes the highest quality, safest and most cost-effective solution. The pipes and fittings dimensions are F50, F63, F90 and F110 and are available in flexible coils of 75m and straight coils of 6m.

The plastic tubes of the Italian firm Nupi are the most reliable choice for underground service station networks.


  • Indestructible throughout decades. The durability, the excellent corrosion resistance and high impact resistance makes them unbeatable compared to galvanized steel pipes which are replaced in 15 years.
  • Rapidly installed due to their technology, low specific weight and flexibility
  • Capability of constructions of any kind, difficulty and requirements

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