Quality, durability, perfect finishing and strong performance have made the Reciprocating Compressors TOROS the first choice for professionals in the Greek market. Our company provides a full range of products for your needs.

Heavy 220 V and 380V compressors are available from 2 to 20 HP pistons with one or two heads, wheeled or stable.
There is a full range of silent compressors and containers for gas stations and business premises that require reduced noise or have restrictions in the placing area.


A wide range of aerometers categorized in sidewalk, portable, handheld and column is available.

Pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, lubricating and auxiliary station machinery

Available in a wide range of products:

  • wheeled washing machines with hot and cold water
  • stable pressure washing machines for washing with cold water
  • professional vacuum cleaners with 2 and 3 motors
  • pressure sprayers
  • Oil collectors and extractors
  • nipples, Valvoline-grease pump
  • toolbars with a workshop set of keys