Staying up-to-date with the latest energy needs and always demonstrating environmental sensitivity in its activities, ATEKE was certain to contribute in the development of renewable energy sources.

Using its experience in projects of high technical requirements, and the abilities acquired by its mechanical equipment and its specialized scientific manpower, ATEKE developed a new department for the installation of photovoltaic systems for domestic and professional use.

Facilities and equipment

We were never intimidated nor reassured by the impressive increase in the volume of projects and the widening of their range of fields. On the contrary, our professional consciousness and ambitions led us to increase our equipment and expand the spaces in which we work and produce.

ATEKE’s registered office is located in Athens, 8, Petras Str. in Egaleo, in a private space of 4.195 m2. The covered spaces cover an area of 2.510m2, 350m2 of which are office spaces and 2.160m2 are factory and storage spaces.

The larger part of our workspaces has been transformed into a fully equipped industrial unit of processing metal elements. This provides us with the ability and flexibility of autonomously arranging a large number of jobs in our own area, thus managing to reduce labor costs as well as production time, while raising the quality of all specialized tasks.