With a high sense of responsibility towards the protection of the environment and security issues, we always ensure that our personnel has been relevantly trained, while providing each and everyone with permanent health insurance during their participation in construction projects.

The company currently occupies (December 2013) more than seventy (70) employees of permanent scientific and technical personnel, amongst them:

  • Certified engineers (architects, civil engineers, electrical engineers, surveying engineers)
  • Designers
  • Economists – accountants
  • Administrative personnel
  • Foremen
  • Certified Installation engineers
  • Certified plumbers
  • Specialized technical personnel
  • Drivers
  • Machinery operators
  • Workers

The constant development of our company, the increase in the volume of projects, the advancement towards new fields and sectors, as well as the high demands of our customers, are incentives which lead us to constantly pursue the recruitment of qualified and specialized manpower.